Grow Some Gratitude

Gratitude feels really good when we express it.  And there are so many ways to express our gratitude.

We can do the usual – say thank you – to whoever gifts us with any kindness.  We can send a note, send flowers, send something healthy to eat – we can give when we receive.  We can also give our time – we can do something nice like run an errand or just give them our undivided attention for awhile.

We can wake up and count our blessings first thing.  This puts us in an attitude of gratitude and that is a wonderful way to begin our day.

We can be grateful every time we eat a meal – or drink a glass of fresh water.

We can stop in the middle of the day and count our blessings – the roof over our head, the clothes we are wearing – there are so many things to be grateful for.

We can be aware of the small blessings throughout our day.  The way the sunlight looks, seeing an interesting bird on the way home, a delicious piece of fruit on the desk.

We can find so many things to be grateful for when we are looking.  Be aware of your blessings today and grow your gratitude.

I love to hear from you!

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