The Strength in Serenity

There is great strength in serenity.  This may not make sense.  Don’t we find our strength from workouts, exercise – or the challenges that show up in our lives?  Doesn’t the “bad” stuff make us stronger?

Yes, that all has to do with strength.  Workouts strengthen our body.  Challenges can strength our resolve.  But the strength that can be found in serenity is real too.

Sit quietly – whether you call it prayer or meditation – just sit quietly.  Relax your body and then let your mind relax.  As your thoughts come up, just let them go.  Be aware of your breathing.  Then – just be.  Just be in the moment.  Just breathe.

This practice of sitting quietly can help us strengthen our spirits.  Once we have practiced this regularly, we can tap back into that inner quiet and peace when we are in any situation.  There is great strength in serenity and it is available to all of us.

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  1. I’m trying – I really am! This is so true and something that I’m really working on. The problem is that I’m so highly strung … I’m a constant bag of nerves. I shall try harder. Thanks for the inspiration. Katie

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