The Importance of Self-love and a Free Online Class!!

Doing loving things for ourselves can be as simple as eating fresh foods.  When we are doing loving things for ourselves, we have our own best interests at heart.  We are nourishing ourselves in some way.  We are filling ourselves up.

There are so many ways to nourish ourselves.  Music, books, art, spending time with friends and family, are all great examples of how we can provide ourselves with love.  Doing what our heart wants to do nourishes our very spirit.

When we provide ourselves with love, we fill ourselves up.  When we are full, we can give to others freely and with grace.

Self-love is a do-it-yourself job.  Only you can do it.  Do loving things for your body, mind and spirit – and celebrate each loving thing you do.

To learn more about self-love and what it can do for you and your loved ones, check out the free online class that I have created. It begins April 2nd.

And get your copy of the book: Love You! How to Live in Love:

Or find all of the options to purchase the book here:

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