What Are You Doing That Doesn’t Contribute To Your Dreams?

Let’s think in a new way.  Instead of – What do I need to get rid of?  Let’s ask ourselves – What does not contribute to the future vision I have for my life?

When we think in terms of getting rid of things (in order for us to be happier), we are thinking that some things in our lives do not serve a good and worthwhile purpose.  We think that we want to get rid of them, get away from them – it seems like they are just “bad” for us.  That’s not entirely true.  Everything and everyone has a purpose for us.  To teach us something – to give us gifts in the chaos – to help us understand what we really want.

When we ask ourselves:  What in my life does not contribute to the vision I have for my future?  We understand that we have a choice in the matter of our lives and how they unfold.  We have lots of choices.  We can consciously choose to make decisions based on what we want to see in our lives.  Based on our vision – our dreams for our lives.

It is okay to let go of things that are not helpful to us – things that do not contribute to our dreams.

I love to hear from you!

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