How Much Do You Think About The Past?

Here’s a little challenge for you. Be aware of every time you think about the past – for the next 24 hours.  Check yourself on how much time you actually spend thinking about things that have already happened.

Then ask yourself, how many of those memories from the past are happy? How many are sad or depressing?

How much does it help you to think about the past? Is it helping or is it holding you back?

Sometimes we think that our thoughts are automatic and we can’t control them, but that is not true. If you find yourself thinking about the past too much and it is not helpful, there are ways to change your thoughts.

Thoughts like these are habitual. It’s what you know and fall back on. To change them, find a good affirmation or mantra. Be aware of your thoughts. Every time you think about the past, repeat the mantra a few times and move on. Just keep doing it and you can find that the past stays in the past more and more.

I love to hear from you!

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