A Good Observation

I used to love realizations.  Those moments of clarity when a picture comes together and you understand things in a whole new way.  I still do – a good realization is amazing – but lately I have been having the same kind of awesome moments with observations.

A friend of mine wrote an incredible book and he teaches about subjective and objective truth.  I have really enjoyed this book, Excellence Off The Field (by Tony Scruggs) – and perhaps this is my favorite part.  It is challenging to pick a favorite part out of that book – it is very engaging and fun to read and you can find the link to it at the bottom of this post.

Sounds so routine and usual.  We can all have observations, right?  Let’s look at what subjective truth is first.  Subjective truth is our personal viewpoint – looking through our experiences, our upbringings, our belief systems.  It is our opinion of what is happening.  It is our judgment about what is happening.

Objective truth is what is actually happening.  It is exactly what someone said or did.  It is an observation of what is happening, without our opinions, judgments or emotions mixed in it.  Without our guesses or concerns – or what we think is “right” or “wrong.”  It is just what is really happening.

So a subjective truth would be:  She is always late because she doesn’t care.

An objective truth:  She is late.

Subjective truth:  He thinks he is the greatest thing that ever happened.  He is so conceited.

Objective truth:  He sometimes talks over other people.

Subjective truth is how you see a situation.  Objective truth is what is exactly happening.

Objective truth takes us out of the emotional part of the situation and helps us look at it from a new perspective.  It takes the emotional charge out of a situation so we can see more clearly – and make decisions based on actual events, rather than our emotions.

Have some observations today.

And find Excellence Off The Field by Tony Scruggs here:  http://ow.ly/VCRbA

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