Be The First To Help

It is often the people who have been through the most challenges in life who are the most willing to help others.  People who are in pain will often put their issues on hold in order to help someone else who is in pain.  People who understand suffering will often be the first at the scene to help.

There is a sensitivity that people who have suffered understand.  They are often the last to judge – they often do not criticize – they know that help is needed and it is not helpful to have to hear about why.

We all have our challenges in life.  Whatever they are, know that they are making us more compassionate, more understanding people.

We can help ourselves by helping others – and that is something that people who have been through a lot of challenges understand.

Whether you have suffered a great deal or not – be the first one to help.  And help yourself in the process.

I love to hear from you!

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