Align Your Life With Your Dreams

When we take the time to set intentions each week – or even every day – our intentions can help guide our lives to places we want to be.  An intention of:  “I intend to come from a space of love and calm this week,” can help remind us and help guide our thoughts toward love and calm all through our week.  When we pay attention to our intentions, we can be more effective and powerful in wonderful ways.

But, when we add our actions to our intentions – we align our entire lives with what we really want.  We align our lives with our dreams.

If our intention is to be loving and calm – our action can be to meditate.  Our action can be to take a deep breath if we feel triggered.  Our intention is our reminder.  Our actions actually get us there.

Set intentions.  Follow through with actions.  Be sure your intentions are backed up by actions and align your life with your dreams.

I love to hear from you!

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