What Do You Expect?

If we have rigid expectations of how things are supposed to be, we can be really let down.

Things sometimes just don’t go as we expected them to go.  Plans get delayed, or sped up – people go in different directions – things we want don’t show up when we want them.  People make different decisions than what we would like.

Expectation means demand.  When we expect something to be a certain way – we demand that it is that way.  And if it is not that way, we can perceive it as hurtful.

Let go of your expectations and be open to the organic flow of life.  Things have a way of working out without us trying to control every aspect.  Things have a way of working out when we let go of our expectations and demands and just relax.  Maybe even have fun with the process.

One comment

  1. Great posts! Lately I have been struggling with discouragement due to unmet expectations in many arenas of life. Helpful to remember to just “let go” and not fret over things… Things work out in time!

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