Get A Breath Of Fresh Air

Take a deep breath of fresh air.  Travel to do it if you need to.  Take a walk.  Take a hike.  Take a bike ride.

The benefits of getting outdoors are immense.  Here are some of them:

♦  Fresh air helps clean out your lungs.  Indoor air can get stale and musty.  Open some windows whenever you can.

♦  Fresh air is great for your health.  It’s good for your blood pressure and it’s wonderful for your heart.  Fresh air helps us have a strong immune system.

♦  Fresh air is like a shot of energy.  It can be better than drinking caffeine.

♦  Fresh air gives us a fresh perspective.  Fresh air helps our brains work well.

If you are fortunate enough not to have asthma or allergies and can get out anytime, be sure to be really grateful while you are outdoors.  If you do have breathing challenges, watch the pollen counts, humidity or whatever else aggravates your condition and get outdoors when it is safe for you.

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