What Comes Next?

What comes next is what you are focused on right now.  If you are focused on your intentions, steps and goals – that will come next.  If you are stressed out, fearful, anxious – that will come next.  Our lives follow our focus.

When we are not happy with the way things are and want to change things up – we can start with our thoughts.  We start with our focus.

To quiet your mind, try meditating.  Let all of your thoughts go.  Clear out your brain.  This can give you a great reset.  Then it’s easier to change your mind.  To let go of the stress and trying to control the outcomes.  Just let all of that go.

Then focus on what you want to see in your life.  Think about it, write about it, visualize it, dream about it.  Focus there.

Make what comes next just what you want.

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