Listen To The Water

We know that water is good for us.  We know that we need to drink water to survive.  Water can heal us when we are dehydrated.

The sounds of water can also be healing.

Most of us have some sort of water source around us – oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, fountains, and even pools – that we can visit.  Listening to the sounds of water can be very soothing, relaxing and peaceful.

Water has it’s own sounds, pitches, melodies.

Rain is a good example.  On a relaxing afternoon, rain can be hypnotic and beautifully relaxing to listen to as it hits the roof.  Fountains mimic the natural sounds of water falling, and are amazing to listen to.  Meditating next to a waterfall can be completely serene.  All of that is a relief in a world that sometimes seems to spin so fast.  And that is invaluable.

Stress relievers, especially natural ones that we can find for free, help us to operate at our highest potential.

To get the full benefit of listening to water – we can give our full attention to the sounds.  Close our eyes, if that is safe for us.  We can open our ears and our minds to just listening.  To simply being with the sounds.  We can let go of any thoughts that come up.  We can just be with the water for awhile.

Water is a natural healer.  We can listen to water whenever we want more peace in our lives.

(If you are homebound or a caregiver who cannot get out often, there are wonderful YouTube videos of all kinds of water sounds.  Use some headphones for best sound.)

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