How To Go With The Flow

Some days everything looks like a big challenge.

Nobody is immune from little (and sometimes big) hassles of life.  We trip over our own feet some days.  We feel less than graceful as we dance through life some days.

But I believe challenges help us find new ways, new insights – new inspirations even.

Instead of reacting, we can respond.  We can look at things that happen from an observational viewpoint.  “I blew a fuse,” can become – “A fuse blew.  In order to get power back, I need to find out how to fix it or call a resource person to help.”  Instead of, “I can’t believe I just dropped that, again!”  We can change it to, “I can pay more attention to what I am doing now.”  We can take the emotional punch out of it.  And it can help.  A lot.

The next time you are having a challenging day, pause.  Take a deep breath.  Ask yourself how you could take the emotions out and just view the events as they unfold.  Respond instead of react.  You can become a pro at go-with-the-flow too.

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