The Dirty Words We Use

Words have power.  Think about the word, “dirty.”  What does it mean to you?  Messy, soiled, nasty, crude, rude?  Maybe it means more than one thing.  “She got dirty in the garden.”  “She uses a lot of dirty words.”  Sometimes it depends on the way we use the word.

Here’s another word that we often make dirty:  Work.  We HAVE to go to work.  Work takes up all of our time.  Work is hard.  Work is tedious.  What does the word “work” mean to you?

What about the word, “money?”  Or “bills?”  How do you use those words?  “Money is the root of all evils.”  “I never have any money because I have to pay the bills.”

How about the word, “exercise?”  Do you use it in a joyful way?  “I get to exercise today.”  Or it is more like, “I HAVE to exercise today?”

How do you feel when you say those words?  When the word feels heavy or negative to say, we know it’s a dirty word for us.  The amazing news is that we can clean these words up.

I love to work because it gives me the opportunity to take steps toward my dreams and goals.  I love to work because it gives me the opportunity to support myself and the people I love.  I love to work because my work connects me to people and gives me a creative outlet to communicate and express myself.  Work is not innately a dirty word.  Some people actually enjoy using the word.  Think of ways work blesses you and change your mind about it.

Exercise is wonderful because we are supporting our own health.  And health is very important.  Once we have been exercising for awhile, it can be invigorating and energizing to exercise.  And exercise can be fun.  Getting on a bicycle again can open up whole new worlds – all while taking such great care of yourself.  Exercise is a win-win in the long run.  So why do we even think it’s a dirty word?

Maybe we have been taught that these words are dirty from the time we were little.  Maybe we hurt ourselves exercising and it hurts just to think about it still.  Maybe we overspent and our bills piled up – or we aren’t making enough money at our jobs to buy everything we need.  There are lots of reasons we make words dirty.  And they all feel real.

The thing is, we get what we believe.  So if we believe that work is awful – work is going to be awful no matter what job we have.  If we believe that there’s not enough to go around – there won’t be enough.  Our reality only allows for our own beliefs – and these are some very limiting beliefs.

Just opening up to the possibilities can get us started.  “Work is not what I want it to be, but I am taking steps to get there now.”  “Work can be meaningful.”  Even if it is not meaningful or fun right now, just beginning to accept the possibility that it might be someday starts the process of actually changing it.

Explore the dirty little words you use and you can actually change your whole life.

I love to hear from you!

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