Feel Yucky To Feel Better

We don’t like to feel yucky.  Whether it’s feeling left out, let down or bullied.  We don’t like it.  Many times we will do just about anything to avoid feeling yucky.  We know we need to have a tough conversation with someone, but we put it off.  We know that someone has an issue with us, but we don’t even want to think about it.  We don’t enjoy emotional pain.  So we distract ourselves with work, play, alcohol, drugs – just to not feel yucky.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love a good distraction.  When there’s nothing else we can do about a situation and we have been feeling yucky for awhile – distracting ourselves and giving ourselves a break can be the best thing for us.  It can help us to get a new perspective and to move on.

I’m talking about avoiding something completely.  Or trying to, because we really can’t avoid anything completely.  It always comes back up – especially at the very worst times.

We can set aside some time to deal with feeling yucky.  Schedule it in.  We can give ourselves a time out to listen to our feelings – to feel our feelings, whatever they are.  If we are sad about something, it’s okay to be sad.  If we are angry about something, that’s okay too.  All of our feelings are valid.

When we take the time out to process all of our feelings, they can move on.  We create room for new, more loving things when we process our feelings – when we feel our feelings and then let them move on.  Otherwise we are just recycling the same old stuff over and over.  We can feel it and let it go whenever we are ready.

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