In Case Of Loneliness

What can you do when you feel alone and lonely?

Do something to take care of yourself.  Make it extra loving.  Take some extra time to pamper yourself.  Take a bath instead of a shower.  Give yourself a facial, get a new haircut or enjoy some calming fragrance or incense.

Find some positive quotes and read them to yourself.  Find your favorite book and read it.  Watch an inspiring movie while curled up with a bowl of popcorn.

Get outdoors if you can.  Sit with nature.  You are never alone in nature.  Listen to the birds and the insects.  Check out all of the miracles around you.

Fix yourself some wonderful, healthy food and take the time to really enjoy every bite.  Make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea and savor each sip.

Turn on some of your favorite music and smile while you dance, dance, dance!

Do not sit in your loneliness for very long.  When we do loving things for ourselves, we are being proactive in our own care.  Our lives all about the choices we make. What can you do to be good company for yourself today?  If you had a friend who was lonely, what would you do for him/her?  Do that for you.

I love to hear from you!

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