Sharing Is The Best Way To Get More

Happiness is just like love.  It is not out there someplace.  There is no search party needed.  It is not something we have to find.  We do not need a map.  We do not bump into it.  It does not just come along one day out of the blue.  We can choose happiness.  It is inside of us.

We are the only ones who are in charge of how we feel.  When we are aware that our actions and reactions are under our control, we can understand that we can choose happiness – or not.  It is okay if we don’t want to choose happiness.  Whatever we choose is okay.  It is up to us.

I believe in smiles.  I think smiling is one of the quickest ways to get to happiness.  Smiling raises our spirits.  And one smile just leads to another.  Especially if we start to share our smiles with others.  Choose happiness today.  And then share some.  Sharing is the very best way to get more!

I love to hear from you!

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