Are You Worried?

There are lots of things to worry about.  From our own personal things, to family things, and to city, state and national things.  We can even worry about the whole universe, if we choose to.  There’s always something to worry about.

Worry doesn’t feel very good.  When we share it with others, we spread the less than wonderful feelings around.  Then others don’t feel very good along with us.  Worry also does not help a situation.  Going over and over what we are afraid of can often even bring it about.

Worry is focusing on what we DON’T want to happen.  We worry that our job may end.  That’s focusing on exactly what we don’t want – our job to end.  We worry that our kids may get hurt.  Again, it’s focusing on what we do not want.

So what do we do with worry?  We do what we can.  We get to work on time and do a good job.  We focus there.  We put helmets on our kids and talk to them about stranger danger.  We do what we can and we focus there.  Whenever we feel worried, we ask ourselves what can we do.

After we have done what we can do, we let it go.  We choose to focus on what we do want.  A good job.  Healthy, safe kids.  We distract ourselves from worry when we need to.  We can also meditate and pray to let go of worry.  We can use deep breathing to get us through the worry and to help us refocus on the things we want.

Worry does not help to solve a situation.  It only focuses on what we don’t want.  We can do what we can, focus on what we do want, pray and meditate – and let it go.

I love to hear from you!

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