The Rewards In Our Challenges

There are often things happening around us that don’t feel great.  We often have challenges in our lives.  These challenges can teach us a lot or they can get us down.  It’s all about how we choose to view them.

When we perceive an issue as a difficult challenge, it can be pretty rough on us.  We stress and worry and wonder why this happened.  We go around in circles this way and don’t ever change anything.  And often the same issues come up over and over.

Or we can look for the lessons in our perceived challenges.  What could we possibly learn from this situation we are labeling “difficult?”

Let’s say that someone is acting in a way we do not enjoy.  We would like for them to stop, but we know we can’t stop them.  We have tried everything and they won’t stop.  It might be behavior that is very hurtful to us.

We have a couple of choices here.  We can worry about it, fret over it, obsess over it even.  We can let our stress get the better of us and lash out at others.

Or we can ask ourselves what can we learn from this situation.  Could we learn more patience?  How about self-love?  Could we learn how to take care of ourselves better?  Might we learn how to meditate and detach from drama?  Would patience, self-love and meditation help us in life?  Are these good skills to have?  Of course they are.  What about forgiveness?  That’s an excellent skill to have – to be able to forgive is to be able to give ourselves peace in any situation.

Look for the rewards in challenges and hone your skills when you can.  Learning instead of stressing can get us out of our difficult challenges.

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