Instead Of Reacting

Instead of allowing ourselves to have knee jerk reactions to things that happen around us – like, when the milk is spilled, we automatically get upset – we can choose to respond rather than react.  We can do this through a space of observation.

There is a gap between what happens and how we choose to handle it.  Something happens, we judge what happens, then we react to it.  Many times our reactions feel automatic – coming from how we have seen others deal with similar situations, or just how we have always reacted.  Blindly reacting can leave us feeling regretful later.  Making conscious choices from the space of observation can free up our energy now and later.

In that space between what happens and our reaction is our choice.  We can simply observe the situation rather than judge it.  We can see it for what it is.  Spilled milk is just spilled milk and everyone spills milk.  We can take the emotional punch out of what happens by just simply looking at the situation for what it is.  Then we can make a decision about how we want to respond.  Maybe we decide there is nothing we even need to respond to.  If the milk is spilled, we clean it up. 

The less we react – the more we respond, the more power we will recognize that we have in our own lives.  The more we respond out of observation, the better we feel and flow.

One comment

  1. Our reaction is directly proportional we are value system. If a person is cool reaction is calculated, if temperamental or judgmental the reaction is worse than the incident.


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