The Magic Of Small Steps

Even the things we have always wanted to do, but seem to be impossible, can be accomplished when we break it down into manageable tasks.  When we think about accomplishing big things, there are almost always many steps to get there.  And there are usually many ways to take the steps.

When we take our big goal and break it down into steps, it doesn’t look so overwhelming.

So if we want to switch jobs – we can list the things we can do like:  Redo our resumes, look at the help want ads, ask our friends and family, make phone calls and get ourselves interview ready.

The magic comes along while we are taking the steps.  Once we step out and reach for that big goal, the Universe has a way of opening doors and clearing ways for us that we never imagined when we were planning.  Suddenly things open up – sometimes unexplainably.

Take the first steps and find the magic in working toward your goals.

I love to hear from you!

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