Stress And Fear Go Together

Whenever we are stressed out, we are also fearful. We are fearful that something will or won’t happen. We are fearful of what has happened or what continues to happen. There’s always some fear behind our stress.

To address the stress, it can be very helpful to look at the fear. If we are stressed out because we have a big test coming up – what are we fearful of? Of not passing and everything that might mean. When we are stressed out about how our children are acting – what’s the fear? That others may not look at us the same way? That they will harm themselves?

Sometimes the fear is something real, but we feel can’t do anything about it. We are stressed out because our boss won’t stop yelling at us. We fear that we may lose our job – or worse, have to stay in a job where we get yelled at. What can we do? We can communicate. Beyond that, we can’t control others, so after we have done what we can – we can let it go. We can get a new job. We always have choices – even if it is just in how we react.

Look at your fears behind your stress. Our fears can teach us a lot about what to do next.


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