When Will You Let Go?

Why do we not want to let go of the things that we perceive as hurtful – things that happened in the past?  We keep these less than wonderful things that happened alive every time we think about them.  And every time we think about them, they hurt us all over again – and again.

How long will we let this go on?  How long will we let the hurtful things take our attention away from the wonderful possibilities of our lives?

What is it about these hurtful incidents that cling onto our focus?  That is where we will begin to heal and let go of the painful memories.  When we find the lesson in the hurt.  What do we need to know so that we can move on?

Often we already know what it is.  Usually it is about forgiveness and acceptance – of ourselves and others.  Sometimes it is challenging to understand that we are doing our best – especially when we (or others) have acted in ways that are less than loving.  But it was the best we could do in that moment.  We can learn from it – but we cannot do it over.  It is what it is.  And it is in the past.

The future is calling – it is coming – and we can only take advantage of our opportunities in the future when we let go of the past.

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