Let Go And Flow

We all have a lot of things to let go of in our lives.  Big things change and we have to let go of jobs, friends, places – all kinds of things flow through our lives.  And that is the thing – they flow through – unless we hold onto them too long.  Then everything can get dammed up.

It is okay to be sad and to mourn the things we need to let go of.  It is important to let go of the things we know are stopping the flow of our lives and sometimes we need to mourn them before we let them go.

It is not necessary to hurry up and let go – just to let go when it is time.  We know when it is time because we can feel that our lives are stuck and stagnant.  We can choose to let go – even when it is a little scary because we do not know what is coming next.  We can trust that we are doing our best.  We can have patience and compassion for ourselves while we let go of the more challenging things.

Letting go keeps our lives in flow.

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