Broken Hearted?

We are all different in how we handle loss and grief, but there are some things that might help everyone during those darker times.

Sometimes it is helpful to wallow in the misery.  Watch tearjerker movies and listen to familiar music – look at old photos.  Write letters to the person you think you lost.  Just swim in the grief for awhile.  But when you are ready to move on and you still feel stuck in the grief, it can be helpful to take some action.  Only you can change things for yourself.

Find and watch a super silly movie.  To really get the full benefit, go out to the movie theater to see it.

Find a beautiful place and visit it.  I always find waterfalls amazingly healing – but whatever you see as beautiful will be helpful.  The ocean, the forest, the mountains – or an art museum, park, botanical garden.  Do some research online and find a brand new place.  Often visiting the beautiful places we used to visit with our loved one can just be sad for us.  Finding a new place can be healing.

Get a hug or two.  From your pet, from you kids, from your mom.  If you tell the cashier at the restaurant that you really need a hug, you might even get one.  People can be very compassionate when given the chance.

Add a new healthy habit to your routine.  I think it is best to only add one new habit at a time.  Taking walks, eating more healthy, volunteering once a week – are all great new habits to explore.  If you have gotten out of your usual routine, try getting back to it – little by little.

Try anything new.  A new recipe, a new art class, a new exercise or yoga routine, a new route to walk.  Expand whatever you normally enjoy doing.  Find a new restaurant, find a new hobby, find a new friend.

At the end of the day you can ask yourself:  What was wonderful about today?  What am I grateful for?  Focusing on the loving things in our lives brings us more loving things.

I love to hear from you!

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