Call Meditation Something Else

If the word, “meditation,” does not land well with you – just don’t use it.  Call it something else if you want to – sitting still, being quiet, taking a break, praying.  But don’t let that stop you from getting all of the benefits of being quiet.

Sit quietly and notice your breath.  Close your eyes.  Tune into you.  Let your thoughts go as they come up.  Let your physical body relax.

Just be for a little while.  Just sit quietly.

Sitting still like this is great for us.  It’s great for our health.  It’s great for our brains to give them a break.  Often we can find peace and solutions here that we would not have experienced without being still.

Take a break today and don’t call it meditation if you do not enjoy the term.  Call it whatever you want, but do it.  There are many gifts for us in stillness.

I love to hear from you!

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