You May Not Fit In

If you are a human being, like the rest of us, there will most likely be parts of you that don’t quite fit with the whole of society.  That’s okay.  We are not meant to completely be like everyone else.  We are meant to have our own ideas, our own identities, and our own personalities.

If we completely fit in with everyone else, it would be a boring world.

But I get it – that sometimes it’s painful not to fit in.  Sometimes our differences can be viewed as “wrong” by others – sometimes by others who we care about.  That can hurt.

It is still okay not to fit in.  Our differences can compliment each other.

There’s nothing you can do about how someone else thinks, but you can keep an open mind to their differences anyway.  You can be a role model of acceptance and compassion.  Even when they do not give you the same in return.  You will feel much better about yourself when you are open, patient and tolerant to those who are not.

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