Improve Your Energy Quickly

What can we do when we are feeling less than motivated?  I think everyone experiences a lag in motivation sometimes.  And often it’s because we are just going too fast for too long.  So the first thing you can ask yourself is – Am I overworked, over tired – do I need a break?  If you need a break, schedule one in as soon as you can.  I understand this is not always a simple thing to take a break, but you can be creative and find ways to give yourself some time.

Next, ask yourself if your schedule needs to be tweaked.  If you feel like you are simply tired of the grind – of the busy schedule you have set for yourself – look at ways you can switch things up.  What can you let go of?  What can you do differently?

If it’s not a scheduling issue, maybe it’s just a lack of motivation.  And that we can change – usually quickly – with some great tools.

Play some music.  Upbeat music that you enjoy.  That alone can often change things up right now.

Get up and move your body.  Take a walk, get some air.  It may not feel right to take time out of your schedule, but you will be much more productive after you get up and move around.

Stretch.  Just stretching your body can give you great energy.  Do the hero’s pose – hands on hips, feet apart, chin up.  Just changing the way we stand up can make a change in our energy levels.

Get a new view – literally.  Move to a different room if you can.  Look out a different window.  Turn off the television and look around.  Work on a different project.  Do something new.

We can help ourselves to more energy whenever we need it.  What can you do to improve your energy today?

I love to hear from you!

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