There’s No Comparison To You

Have you ever looked at others and thought they were “better” than you?  Did you think they were more attractive, had more money – that they had more stuff than you?  Did you think they were younger/older and that was “better” than your age?  Have you ever looked at someone and thought they have more friends than you do?  Their family is more loving than yours?  Their car is nicer than yours?

If you have, please give it a rest.  When we focus only on the external qualities of others – what they wear, how they look, where they live – it is impossible to truly see the beauty and wondrousness of them and ourselves too.

Who knows why they have what they have – why they look the way they do.  Maybe that car was a gift.  Maybe they are in over their heads with the big house they live in.  Maybe they have spent a lot of time and love developing their gifts and working with their assets.  We do not know about others.  We know about ourselves.

Just because someone else has what you want, does what you want to do, or looks like you would like to look – that does not mean you are any less worthy of the very same.  Take your attention off of others and look at yourself.  Invest in yourself.  Spend that energy creating the life you really want.

We are all different and that is a beautiful thing.  It is natural to be different.  We cannot compare ourselves to anyone.  It just does not work that way.  We were meant to be unique and incomparable.

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