Practice Good Thoughts

Listen to your own thoughts today.  What kinds of things do you say to yourself when no one else is listening?  What are you telling yourself?

Our thoughts are not automatic.  They may feel like they are – we have the same thoughts in similar situations often.  But we learned a lot of those mental reactions – some of them were learned when we were children.  We do not have to keep repeating them.  We can choose our thoughts like we choose the clothes we wear.  First, we have to listen to them.

If you find that you are having a lot of negative thoughts – just relax.  As the negative thoughts come up, take a moment and just breathe.  Then choose a positive thought next.  It might start something like:  “I never get anything done.”  When you notice that less than loving thought – change it up.  “I do what I can and that is always enough.  In fact, it’s great.”

It may not feel comfortable at first – you have been using automatic thinking for a long time and even though it is not helpful, it is familiar and we tend to gravitate to what is familiar.  It may feel a little forced at first.  It may not feel natural when you first start to switch up your thinking.  It will get easier with practice.

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