Are You Making More Of It Than What It Is?

It can be easy to make more of a situation than what it really is when we feel overwhelmed.  Let’s pretend we are on a hike and we have gotten lost.  We have been wandering around for awhile and we are starting to get tired.  We come to a fence.

The more tired and hungry and ready to get home we are – the bigger the fence can appear.  Maybe we are exhausted and the fence looks like a huge wall.  We know it is not a huge wall, but things can appear more challenging the more tired we are.

Let’s pretend we do not agree with someone we love.  It is a big difference between our point of view and his/hers and we all feel very strongly about our opinions.  It can look like a big wall when we are tired.

The first thing to do when we feel tired and overwhelmed – and we are turning little fences into big walls –  is to take a deep breath and recharge first – in whatever way we can.  Meditation is great for a recharge and we can do that anywhere.  Just taking a breath and stepping away for a moment can give us a new perspective on what is really happening.

Once we recharge ourselves, the big wall turns back into a fence and we can just go over or around it – no big deal.  And once we come at a discussion with someone we love recharged, we can remember that everyone’s point of view is important and valid.  We can find a way to allow everyone’s opinions to be important.

Giving ourselves the gift of recharging gives us a new perspective of the big wall.  It can turn it right back into a little fence – what it really is.

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