It’s Okay To Let It Go

We hear a lot about letting go of what does not serve us these days.  There’s even a Disney song – “Let It Go.”  We know it does not help to hang on to things that are less than loving.  We let it go often.  We walk away, think about different things – even go to new places to leave our issues behind us.

But are we really letting go?  As long as one little thought of it crosses our minds, it tethers us to the issue still.  It is still a part of our lives.

When we repeatedly let go and then the same thing we let go of comes back to our thoughts – we can explore how we feel about the issue.  There are some things that we just want to hang onto for dear life.  When something has been very important to us.  When it feels like it is out of our control.  When we still believe that maybe it could change.

If we have decided to let it go – that means we want to let it go.  But if it is still not going away, if we are still thinking about it and feeling less than loving things about thinking about it, we may need to decide to let it go again.  Sometimes it takes several times.  Growth and letting go is not a straight line.  There are bumps in the road and spirals and we sometimes circle back around before we truly let it go and get on with life.

Keep letting go.  Keep exploring your feelings about it.  If it is not loving for you, it is okay to let it go.

I love to hear from you!

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