What Lights Up Your Spirit?

Do you know what lights you up?  What stirs your spirit?  What makes your heart sing?

Many of us are so busy and distracted by every day events and chores that we do not take the time to figure out what really gives us joy and happiness.  There is always so much to do – how do we find the time to even consider what would make our lives more happy?

Many of us have time to worry, to be concerned about things in the past we have no control over – to complain and whine.  But we do not take the time to be concerned over the things we do have control over – like what lights us up.  We may even think that it would be selfish to consider what makes us happy.  But it is not selfish when we find what we love to do and do it – we are actually able to love others more the more love we show to ourselves.

If you do not know yet what sparks your spirit – try some new things.  See what fits.  See what brings you happiness.  See where it leads you.

When we are lit up with what we love to do – we are much more productive, effective and powerful in the world.

I love to hear from you!

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