Saying Thank You Is Good For You

I usually talk about gratitude as a practice.  Living in a state of gratitude for all of the miracles that happen around us every day.  But today I want to talk about thanking the people in our lives who do special things for us, go out of their way for us, think of us – are simply kind to us.

Most of our parents told us we need to thank other people.  It is the mannerly thing to do.  But sometimes we get distracted and busy and forget to say thank you properly.  Saying thank you is important for children – but it is just as important for adults.

Saying thank you actually helps our brains, our bodies and our spirits.

We are happier overall when we thank others.  Try it, it just feels good to do.  When we feel good, we boost our energy levels.  We are more productive.  We are more effective.

And the more we thank others, the more we find to be thankful for.  It is like wiring our brains to seek out things to be grateful for.  We find more things to be grateful for when we are looking for them.

Thanking others helps improve our relationships.  People who receive gratitude are more likely to give again – and to feel great about giving.  When we feel appreciated, we want to do more.

When we feel grateful to others, we are peaceful and calm.  We cannot be totally stressed out and grateful at the same time.

Who can you thank today?  Saying thank you is good for them and for you.

I love to hear from you!

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