What Did Your Parents Really Want?

Do you know what you really, really want?  More than anything else?  Not just a passing thing – like an ice cream or a new pair of shoes – but a lasting thing – like a career or an experience or place you want to live.

It’s not selfish to consider your deepest desires.  When you are happy, the people around you can be happy too.

I have found that caretakers have the hardest time with this.  People who take care of others – moms and dads especially.  Who are they to want for themselves when their whole existence sometimes appears to be for the benefit of others?  Well, they are maybe the most important.  They are the role models, the trend setters, for others.  When they know what they want and go after it, they show their kids that it’s so possible to do it.

Look at your own parents and ask, do/did they know what they really want?  Did they go get it?  We often talk about the sacrifices we make as parents – but what does that really teach us?  To make sacrifices for others too.  That’s not a bad thing – any time we are in any kind of relationship with others, the give and take are important parts.  We give up things, but remember that we get things too.

What did your parents teach you about getting what you want?

When we consider our history, we can make adjustments in our future to be the best role models we can be.

I love to hear from you!

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