Are You Ready For What You Want?

Are you sure that you are ready for what you really want?

Many times, for our dreams to come true, there has to be major changes in our lives.

If we dream about a different job – one more suited to us – what would that mean realistically in our lives?  Would we have to move?  Would we live differently?  How would we dress?  How would we feel?  Would we be around the same people?

Being ready for all of the changes can be key in sustaining our dreams.

If we dream about living in a different place, or having a larger family, or going back to school – it all usually means changes.  Big changes sometimes.  And if we are not ready, the adjustment can seem jarring.

Think about your dreams like they are steps on a beautiful hiking trail.  Start thinking about how you will feel, what you will do – what it will look like when it comes true.  Be ready.

I love to hear from you!

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