Is It Okay To Be Okay?

It’s okay to be okay, even in the middle of chaos. Don’t buy into other’s drama. You can choose to be calm. ~ Dyan

We care about each other and that is a wonderful thing.  But when someone around us has drama and creates chaos – if we care for them, then it can be challenging to stay calm and not be upset right along with them.  Or if the person is attempting to involve us in the drama, that can also be very challenging to deal with.

Truth is that we have choices.  One choice is that we can get very upset, rant and rave and raise our blood pressure.  When we do this, we are keeping the drama going – we are maintaining the chaos.  We are not accomplishing anything.  But it is a choice.

Another choice is to let it go. Even when everyone around us is acting out, acting up – not acting like we would like them to.  We can choose to be calm.

Others may not appreciate that choice and that is okay too.  When we choose to be calm we are putting an end to the drama and chaos for ourselves.   We can take our next steps in clarity and move on.  Choosing to stay calm is very good for us.

Choose to be okay.  It’s okay to be okay.


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