Don’t Judge Until You Look Closer

Can we know what is on the inside of any building without opening the door?  Have you ever opened the door of a house or business and been surprised by what you found – whether it was much nicer than you thought it would be, or not so clean and lovely?  Can we tell what is on the inside by looking at the outside?

When we are guessing what is on the inside, we are using our own experiences as a guide.  But what is inside may not be like anything we have experienced before.  When we keep an open mind and heart, we can look inside without judgment or expectation.  And when we are able to do that, we are being observers.  We are observing the inside, not judging it to be “good” or “bad.”  Just noticing that it is.  We are not reacting to what we see, but just taking it in.

Get in that spot of observation today and open a door, try something new.  Keep an open heart and clear mind.  Be willing to go beyond your old fears and any experiences you have had that have felt limiting.  You never know what you might find of any door.  I encourage you to try something different today.

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