Music Helps – Turn Up The Volume

When we are feeling stuck or slow, we can turn up the volume and re-energize.  Find some of your favorite music.  Yes, that music – the music you LOVE to listen to.  Yes, the music you really love – even if no one else likes it.  That does not matter.  What matters is that it is your favorite music.  Music has healing power – when we enjoy it.  And all we have to do is turn it on.

Music lights up our entire brain.  Science tells us that under medical scans, the brain lights up when we are listening to music we love.  Just any old music does not have the same effect.  The more we love the music, the more it will light up all of the areas of our brains.  When we give ourselves the gift of music that we enjoy, we are energized.  Pull out those old and new CDs or find your favorite radio station – and turn up the volume!

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