It’s Okay To Make The Best Of Any Situation

It’s okay to be happy.

In spite of whatever is going on around you.  During whatever happens that you cannot control.  When everyone around you is not happy.  When no one wants you to be happy.  When there is no logical reason in sight to be happy.

It’s okay to accept the things you cannot control.  It’s okay to make the very best of the situation at hand.  It’s okay to find some peace and maybe even joy in any situation.  It’s your choice.

It may not feel natural or even normal at first when you choose to be okay in spite of what is going on.  That’s okay.  Choosing to be unhappy can become habitual and it may take some time to get used to doing things differently and making different choices.  But you can make different choices.  You can choose to do things differently now.

You can choose to be okay.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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