What Are You Expecting?

When we expect something to happen, or someone to act in a certain way – we can often be disappointed.  It’s okay to be disappointed, there are many lessons there – but if disappointed is getting old, we can change it up.

When we are expecting something to turn out a certain way, we are projecting into the future.  We are not living in the flow of life.  We are trying to control the outcome of something…or someone.  Expectations are usually very rigid – we think something HAS to be, or someone HAS to act in a certain way.  And when it does not happen in the way we expect it to – we are disappointed and even feel hurt.

If we let our expectations go – if we do not insist that anyone act in any specific way, if we do not insist that things happen in any certain way – life is still going to happen.  But this way, we are out of it.  We are simply observing what happens around us.

Then we can choose to react from a place of observation. Much more peaceful.  Much better for us.


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