Your Emotions Can Help You

All of our emotions are there to help us.  If you are experiencing fear – and there is no real present danger – then your fear has something to tell you.  Your fear is asking you to change something, to do something – to think differently about something.

Embrace all parts of you.  Especially your fear.  It has messages that can help you along your path.  This is true for stress also.  Your stress has great messages to help you.  Just sit with your emotions.  Accept them as they come.  They will not overwhelm you.  They are a part of you and that’s really okay.

Love your feelings.  Listen to your feelings.  They are not “right” or “wrong.”  They just are.  Stop judging them.  They are with you to help you live a full, rich life.  Without them life would be flat and dull all the time.

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