Where Complaining Leads To

We can choose to moan and whine and complain about anything we want to.  If we are not comfortable with what is going on in our lives, we can complain.  When we are complaining, we are seeing the negative side of the situation.

If we are not comfortable with what shows up in our lives, we can complain about it.  And when we complain about it, we are sitting still in the very thing we are not comfortable with.  We are actually wallowing in it.  We are not getting anything done to change the situation that we find uncomfortable.  In fact, we are keeping the thing/situation around even longer.

In every problem we think we have, there is a solution that goes with it.  When we complain, we focus in on the negativity of the problem rather than the positivity of the solution.  I think it can be very cleansing and good to vent about something that bothers us, but complaining beyond that is not productive – if we want to be at peace in our lives.

Complaining leads right back to the thing we are complaining about.  We create a cycle that is only broken when we stop complaining and start looking for the solution.  Complaining keeps us stuck.  Let it go, accept the situation and the answers will come.  Complaining is like trying to fight the problem.  Relax instead.

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