Do You Receive As Easily As You Give?

“Giving creates a bond, an exchange and an opportunity to be generous.” ~ Sark

Most of us love to give gifts when we can.  When we give without expecting or asking for anything in return – when we do not give because we feel obligated to do so….Giving feels great.  Giving can even feel powerful.

But how do we feel about receiving?  Receiving can feel uncomfortable.  We do not have control over what others give us or how they give it to us.  That can lead us to feel vulnerable and powerless.  If we feel powerful as the giver, how do we feel when we are the receiver?

When we fully embrace the gifts we are given, we give others the opportunity to be generous. When we graciously receive the gifts of others, we give others the gift of feeling great.  When we happily accept the gifts that are offered to us – without keeping a scorecard, or measuring the quality of the gift, or finding fault in any way with the gift giver – we give others the gift of our acceptance, love and gratitude.  Receive well.

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