How To Self Soothe

When we are upset, we are not really effective.  Our thoughts are often chaotic and our emotions are often raw.  It’s hard to think straight when we are upset or stressed out.

Self-soothing is asking the question:  If I were my own best friend, what would I do for me right now?

Take a deep breath.  Think about it.  If your very best friend in the whole world had the same issues as you do right now – what would you do for her/him?  How would you try to be helpful?  How would you try to be kind?

Would you tell him/her that everything’s going to be okay?  Would you feed them a healthy meal?  Would you take them for a walk?  Would you plan something fun to do?  What would you do for your very best friend?  Would you turn on some fun music?  Would you just sit and listen?

We can be our own best friends.  And that can be a life changer when we treat ourselves with the same loving care that we treat the people we love with.

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