Retreat Or Run Into The Fire?

Do you retreat or do you run into the fire?

When things get sticky or complicated – what is your instinct?  Shut down or turn up?  Is it possible there is a happy medium?  Do we have to be so all in or all out?

It’s good to feel passionately about things.  It’s good to believe in things.  But when our emotions are running high, we don’t always think so clearly and we can make what seem like mistakes.  If we are retreating and hiding, we aren’t feeling good about the situation or ourselves.  If we are running into the fire, we may not be thinking things through.

Take a deep breath before you do anything.  Try to see the situation objectively.  An objective viewpoint can be super helpful when we are trying to make decisions.  Look at the truths of the situation and take your own feelings out.  Calm down before deciding what the best thing for you to do is.

This can help in all of the decisions we make in our lives.  Take the time to be an observer of the situation before you decide.

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