Sabotaging Yourself?

When we feel resistance, we are often self-sabotaging.  If you woke up this morning feeling like you really don’t want to actually get out of bed – that’s resistance.  Resistance is like a drag on our energy.

Resistance tells us something is off – and we can correct it when we acknowledge that our energy is dragging.  If we do not correct it, it will just get bigger and bigger until we have to deal with it.

When we self-sabotage, it means we don’t believe in ourselves on some level.  We don’t think we deserve what we want.  We don’t think we are good enough.  We don’t think we have enough.  So we will do things that take us off the track of getting what we want.  Or, we might NOT do things that might help us live our dreams.

Admitting that we are self-sabotaging can be helpful.  Being honest with ourselves is always helpful.  We can look at where those thoughts came from – parents, friends, employers – that say we are not good enough.  We can debunk them – they are not right.

In all honesty, you are good enough, you do have enough and everything is working in your favor when you allow it.

When we believe in ourselves, we stop sabotaging our progress and start moving through the process of getting what we really want with more ease.


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