How’s Your Energy?

“She’s got great energy! Always smiling, always enthusiastic.”

“He’s got loving energy.  Always calm, always compassionate.”

How would you describe your energy?  What do people witness when they are around you?  Do you inspire them to be happy?  Maybe joyful even?  Do you think that others appreciate your energy?

When our energy gets a little murky or clouded and we are feeling less than wonderful – we can choose to lighten our energy.  We can choose to amp up our energy – there are a lot of ways to do this.

We can think about things we love.  We can do things we love to do.  We can get a new perspective by stepping out of our comfort zones for awhile.

We can smile – that is an instant energy lift.  We can smile at someone else – that’s even better for us.

We can help someone – another fantastic energy boost.  We can help ourselves.

We can always choose to take our energy up a notch.

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