Take A Scientific Approach

Science does things in very specific ways.  They use methods that they have found to be the best way for them to find what works and what does not work.  They use strict protocols and they analyze any differences they find in the same way.  They do their best to only look at facts.

While we may not be looking to reinvent the wheel, someone did.  They tried different things, assessed what worked the best and then integrated it into the design – until we have very good, fast, reliable wheels now.

When we are adjusting things in our lives, sometimes a scientific approach can be very helpful.

When we are ready for a life change, instead of doing a total makeover – we can just change one thing.  Then we can decide if that works for us.  If it does, we can integrate it into our lives.  If not, we can move on to the next thing.

By taking one conscious step at a time – trying one new thing at a time – we protect ourselves from feeling overwhelmed by change.  We also learn a lot about ourselves in this process.  We find what we enjoy and what we find less than enjoyable.  We find what we want to see in our lives.

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