Do You Trust Your Journey?

My journey has taken me to some wonderful places.  It has also taken me to some less than wonderful places.  It is true for most of us.  We have seen incredibly loving things happen around us – and we have seen some very challenging things.

Usually when things we consider as good are happening we might feel a little undeserving, but we do not question that it is a part of our journey.

It is when the less than wonderful things happen that we begin to wonder if we are on the right path, in the right life or if we have somehow strayed off of our intended journey.

Every part of our journey is important, significant and even spiritual.  Every single step we take.  What we do not understand now, we will understand later.

I know that when things seem really dark, this can seem like some sort of cruel joke.  But there is a gem in even the darkest of moments.

When things are looking a little dark, we can take comfort in knowing that life is change – life is always changing.  Things do not stay the same forever.  But this too is a part of our journey.  Even the less than wonderful things that happen.

In all times we can look for the things we are grateful for.  We can look for the lessons in the joy and in the pain.  We can trust the journey to take us where we need to go.

I love to hear from you!

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